Affiliated with FIMF (Federazione Italiana Modellisti Ferroviari), the GFM - Gruppo Fermodellistico Milanese (formerly known as Gruppo Fermodellistico Milanese Italo Briano) is a non-profit-making association formed in Milan on January 1987, with the aim to foster public interest in model railways, rail transport, tram ways and trolleybuses.


Institutional Profile

Since its inception, the GFM has carried out all its activities in accordance with its constitution.

The Committee is the organizationís most prominent body. They meet at least once a year in order to vote the balance sheet, draw up a budget for the coming financial year, assess the associationís initiatives and elect the Association Board, responsible for implementing the committeeís decisions. The Board include a Chairman, a Vice-Chairman, a Secretary, a Treasurer and three more active members, each working on a specific theme.


A newsletter is sent regularly to all members and is intended for enthusiasts to exchange news and information and to cater for all those who are interested in all the latest developments of the GFM. Not only that. A mailing list (in Italian only) is intended for enthusiasts to brainstorm on various topics of railway and tramway interest.


The Groupís Activities

The modelling activity of the Group is focussed on the construction, operation and continuous upgrading of the Club layout consisting of a number of modular panels, built by FIMF standards in H0 (1:87) scale.


Modular construction brings about advantages such as easy storage, handling and transportation of the panels, especially when the Group takes part in model-railway exhibitions or other travelling promotional events.


Courses for non-skilled modellers are also run, where people learn how to assemble model kits of locos and rolling stock. In addition, the GFMís mission statement involves studying and experimenting new manufacturing techniques, keeping in touch with manufacturers of hardware and tools, advising members on the purchase of spare parts and materials that are not easily found on the market, and supporting members by negotiating wholesale prices and special offers for models and other supplies.


Activities meant for public-transport enthusiasts include outings to events of railway-, tramway-, trolleybus- and subway- interest, train trips over specially selected lines, special trains chartered directly by the Group or in collaboration with other organizations, slide- and video- shows along with photograph exhibitions on display at the Club-house.


The GFMís well-stocked library, available to ordinary members, houses books, journals, model-railway catalogues, projects and comparatively rare reference material of high historical value.


Useful Information

The Club-house is open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9pm-12pm, maps.google.comand Saturdays from 3pm-7pm, and is located on Via Gabbro 6, Milan, close to the Milano Affori station on the Suburban Railway Service S2 and S4 or Metro line M3.

For further information please contact the Chairman by e-mail.